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The West Volusia Regional Chamber Welcomes You!

The West Volusia Chamber offers business networking events with a focus on something for everyone. We otter morning business networking opportunities through our weekly AM Connections at the Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, FL.  Luncheon and evening events include our Willow Womens Group and Junto Mens Club as well as Educational Events with our Business Strategies and Resources Committee and our monthly Vendor Blenders … to name a few.

We are here to help you Grow.

Our goal is to provide as much exposure as possible for our members, through events, group presentations and education. We are also here to represent the West Volusia County Business Community with one united voice because together we grow stronger. We welcome visitors to our events so you can experience the strength and dedication of the West Volusia Business Community for yourself.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Our Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Members are committed to your success.  With recommended participation, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your second year is FREE!

We invite you to learn more about our Chamber and become a part of our family.  We invite you to learn more about our Chamber by attending one of our events, meet our Committee Chairs, meet our Board of Directors and check out our Calendar of Events and be sure to contact us with any questions or comments. Click here to join our mailing list.

October Government Affairs Mtg.

We had Orange City Manager Jamie Croteau attend our meeting this morning and updated what is going on in Orange City.  Also did post DeBary Forum feedback and came to a unanimous conclusion that Steve Siegle did a “Great Job” and had a wonderful turnout. We also made it official that Steve will be our new committee chair and Eric Alexander will be our new co-chair.

Become a Chamber Blogger & Get Exposed!

register-chamber-blogThe West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce encourages members to blog and share pictures about the events they attend.  This activity gives you an opportunity to get more exposure online for yourself and other members alike!  If you don’t know how to blog, or where to start, don’t worry we’re here to help you get started. Blogging is easy. Essentially if you can write an email, or a letter in Word, you can learn to blog. In the process you will get credit via “Authorship” because you will get a byline for every post and a short “Author Bio” box below every post, just like the one found at the bottom of this post.

Have Fun with Celebrity Status!

You will quickly become quite the celebrity as you write about the great time you had at Chamber Events, give back-links to other members you met along the way, and push your content out to other Social Media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN and more.  Plus, you will be able to utilize your new skills as a blogger to promote your own business.  To register as a Chamber Blogger simply create your user account by selecting the “Register” tab on the Chamber Blog Login area on the homepage.  This will create a Blogger login account with a default status as subscriber.  Once your account is created complete the form below to request and update to contributor status.  We will update your account and contact you with further details.

Chamber Blog Subscribers Welcome to Respond & Share!

If you are not ready to be a full-fledge blogger you can still participate! Simply register for the Chamber Blog to create an account. As a registered subscriber you can always post comments to any of the blog posts.

PLEASE NOTE:  Comments & Posts must be approved my a moderator before they are visible on the Chamber Blog.

Chamber Blogger Upgrade Request

Yes, please upgrade my Chamber Subscriber status to Official Chamber Blogger with Contributor privileges. I understand that I must be a Chamber Member to qualify for this status. I have completed by Blog Registration. Please upgrade my account as listed below:

What is Chamber Master & How it Benefits You

Chamber Master is a custom software program that was designed for the unique needs of a Chamber of Commerce.  With Chamber Master we are able to easily manage our Organization and including producing an online member direcoty and a full featured Calendar of Events.  All new members receive a “Welcome Email” which includes login details to Chamber Master.  We encourage all members to watch the brief video that details all aspects of ChamberMaster.


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