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Deltona is diverse with cultures and citizens that come together as one to keep their City beautiful, safe and well informed. The City’s official flower is the Red Ruffle Azalea, and the Florida Scrub Jay, the City’s official bird, is abundant throughout the City as well. Deltona came into being as a City in 1995, and is changing and improving daily. With almost 90,000 residents, people of all ages are accommodated with social/sports events to fill their days and reach out to others.

Be sure to navigate throughout the WebPage for valuable information. Also, the City operates a 24-hour government access t.v. channel (DTV) through Channel 199 on BrightHouse Networks. The City’s Emergency Radio Station is at 1610 AM. The WebPage, DTV channel, and radio station offer a multitude of opportunities to stay informed about activities and issues throughout Deltona!

As a business owner, you can find out more about Deltona’s Economic Development plans and policies by visiting the business section on the official Deltona website. They have put together an extremely helpful “Business Resources” page to help you find statistical data, economical indicators, link to other helpful organizations, business structure information and so much more.

Lake Gleason Park Deltona FloridaWhen you need to take a break from the daily grind, get outside and visit one of the beautiful Deltona Parks! Find a beautiful spot for a picnic, participate in one of the adult sports teams, or take a class.  Parks are open from sunrise to sunset – come on out and enjoy!  For information about facilities, fees, recreation programs, reservations, permitting special events and specific rules and regulations, please call Wes Crile Park at (386) 789-7218.

Give back to your community by volunteering!  There are so many opportunities to pitch in and help Deltona grow, such as volunteering at the Veteran’s Museum.

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