The West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce is made up of many of our determined and focused community business owners who understand the importance of relationships and loyalty. The roots of the organization were cultivated from the merging of two organizations; the West Volusia Business Connection and the Deltona Chamber of Commerce. They joined their efforts and created this organization to provide a multi-community basis for sharing ideas, business and efforts.

The merging began with talks in 2010 among the leaders of the two organizations and by the beginning of 2011 the talks became the reality of the W.V.R.C.C.; to the delight of many. The hard work and behind the scenes efforts were manifested in the creation of a number of events that all of these volunteers helped build, market and make immensely successful.

Now today it still remains largely an all-volunteer organization with a Business Development Manager to help grow our membership and an Administrative Assistant for helping in keeping the details in order. The difference it has made in giving the business people a resource of contacts, customers and connections has been immeasurable and the rewards unmatched.

We invite everyone to become a part of this Chamber of Commerce; in so doing you become a larger part of multiple communities throughout the West side of Volusia County and will engender customer loyalty, front-of-mind awareness of your business and your presence and you will find that you will garner a “boatload” of new friends!!

Come on board! We’re “Aligning Efforts, Achieving Success”!

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