Junto Men’s Club offers a way for men to get together and build bonds through interesting topics, discussions, and other activities.

Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1727!

Junto was the name of Benjamin Franklin men’s club that he formed in 1727 and is derived from the Latin word meaning “to join”.  Ben Franklin and the men of his time created this secret club to better themselves, their business, and their communities. The Junto men’s club of today is created for the same purpose except today it is even easier to do and it is no secret!

Junto men’s club of the West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce motto is “Improvement of self, community, and business through time tested philosophy empowered by new age thinking.” The philosophy to build a successful life, business, and community already exists. Our purpose as the Junto is to get our great minds together so to make it easier and more fun!

Whether you own a business or represent one, Junto is meant for you!

There are so few places where such camaraderie can be found like this…just for men. The West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce is proud to sponsor and support The Junto and to extend an invitation to all gentlemen to participate in such a unique experience that is The Junto Men’s Club.  Check out the Chamber Calendar of Events to get details on the next Junto event, and be sure to like us on Facebook!

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